Neuro Linguistic Programming

I am a Master Practitioner in NLP, graduating for the UK College of Personal Development. I am a member of The Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ANLP), the professional body for NLP practitioners.

NLP is an approach to understanding the connection between our thoughts and emotions and our actions and behaviour. It is used within the area of sport psychology and business development on a personal and corporate level.

My area of experience is using NLP and other cognitive therapy techniques to help people better understand and overcome personal issues and barriers to their sense of achievement and fulfilment in life.

NLP can be used very effectively to help people with anxiety, depression, weight loss and eating disorder issues, relationship issues, identify and achieve life goals and anything that is between them and happiness. It is a very broad based practical and effective tool kit. I bring my many years’ experience within a therapeutic field into my work. I have an empathy for the many issues people face in their lives coupled with an enthusiasm for and a belief in positive change.

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I can see you in your own home, you can come to my home or we can work via Skype. There are no set number of sessions and it may be that you just need one or two sessions to help resolve any issue you have. However, six to eight sessions are most common.


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